Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Video and Archive Retrieval Models # 3

Today I met with the program manager of a local arts organization that has a SAMMA video digitization system. SAMMA is now part of Front Porch Digital, and they now have a host of products and services. Prominently featured on their website is a cloud solution for storing all the digital video... looks progressive, but expensive!

Probably the most frightening and sobering thing I learned about digitizing with a SAMMA system today is that you can generate terabytes of data in a matter of days. Thus, not only is content management of digital video a critical concern--assuring he content is readily accessible withing and across tapes. There is a formidable challenge of how to deal with the uncompressed media once your work starts flowing. Do the costs of storage and raw data management ultimately dwarf the cost of digitization when you work with such a high end system?

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