Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Video and Archive Retrieval Models # 1

Melanie and I wanted to have an understanding of what the pros to do retrieve archival and recent footage for news broadcasts. We went to WIVB TV Channel 4 here in Buffalo and talked to chief photographer Mike Mombrea and learned a few things..

  • They use special software add-ons that are part of the AVID editing program (iNews, Interplay). 
  • In the software, they can search the titles of clips (or slugs) from past programs but also by the scripts associated with those clips.
  • The reporters develop the scripts in tandem with the editors, artfully sequencing video and audio as well as the newscasters' scripts.
  • Full, uncompressed video does not go back far for retrieval--on the order of days. A lot is archived on Beta tape and more recently on DVD (BlueRay) disk. They can retrieve footage from the network (CBS) as well, which downloads in real time to their local drives.
Some overall impressions include the fact that chronology rules the day as the major organizational for a 24-hour news cycle operation as this... makes sense! If you know when something specifically was broadcast , it's easy to find. The set up is not for the average citizen (or even the newspeople) just to browse around in to find something interesting. Bringing the exploration concept to news footage will be one of our challenges in our new project with the Buffalo Broadcasters Association.

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