Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Video and Archive Retrieval Models # 2

Today, Mike, Melanie and I ventured over to the Center for Documentary Media at the University at Buffalo. We wanted to learn more about Final Cut Pro and Avid, and think about ways in which their expanding metadata capacities might approach the database capabilities of Interclipper. In the process, we talked a lot about two types of Adobe Software: Bridge and Lightroom.

Both software come bundled with various Adobe Suites and both are heavily oriented toward photo management. As a follow up I checked out some random Youtube videos and eventually came to some put out by Adobe themselves--by their Evangelists & Experts. Short of going to, this is a good place to look for quick tutorials on Adobe products (and some are produced by lynda).

One video stated that Lightroom uses a database whereas Bridge does not... I'll need to look into that. The most important thing I gathered from Lightroom is that you can make groupings without actually moving stuff around. This is really the key concept we're looking for in multi-media software. We have to be able to be able to "put" stuff in categories, without really putting them anywhere.

Bridge and Lightroom really caught my attention for photo management. But the search remains for management software that helps get video under control...

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