Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sorting the Laundry and “CVS”

“CVS” is an abbreviation we have used previously for that cross-referencing ability provided in Interclipper and other database browse/search environments. CVS stands for “chinese, vegetable, spicy” and we use this as an example of how an index (or indexes), in this case a book of recipes, needs to be flexible and mulch-dimensional to optimize users browsing power.  In a recipe book, you would never ask "is the recipe Chinese OR vegetable OR spicy?" These represent different lenses through which you can organize many recipes, i.e., ethnicity, ingredient type, novel qualities of the food. But they are not mutually exclusive.

We often use CVS as shorthand for “multi-dimensional indexing”. It simply means that terms and groups of terms are organized in a coding framework/map that allows for different facets to be visuallized--not washed out by a single hierarchy or the alphabet.

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