Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Annotation is a key step upon which indexing is built, and the role of the annotator is to link the content of the audio or video with meaningful text. Annotation is itself a form of indexing—creating text that directs a user to content of interest—that simply takes a linear form, similar to a transcript. The basic skill is listening to a recording, and composing text that summarizes the content. Although annotation seeks to lighten the tedious burden of word-for-word transcription, it still takes significant time to complete (at least 1 ¼ hours per hour of interview, sometimes up to 2+ hours or more if a great deal of detail is desired). Annotation proceeds faster with practice and with increasing familiarity with the content. Familiarity with the content from the outset (whether because of personal background/interest or because the annotator conducted the interviews) is typically an additional advantage. Because annotation is the foundation upon which the indexing is built, consistency of style, density, and overall quality of annotation is strongly recommended. Generally, annotations that are shorter but consistent are better than a highly varied collection of sparse and detailed annotation written by different people in different styles. When there is more than one annotator, an editor is an essential player in the indexing process. 

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