Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Launching a New Tab.. Tip of the Day

This post may not be about oral history content management, but is certainly topical (for me, today). If you are putting links in your blog, remember to double check that your off-site links open a new tab or window, so that the page being read remains readily available. You can do this by adding a small piece of code.

So if I link to another post in my blog, I will just assume that readers will find their way back here and I won't burden them with an extra tab...

Read an earlier post! (And see you later!)


If I'm sending them away, like to this YouTube video...

Watch this YouTube Video!

I'm going to wait here for them in the old tab. In the latter link, I added
target="_blank" next to href="http://www...." in the Html just before "Watch this YouTube Video". Now we know.

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